How to Last Longer in Bed?

With premature ejaculation being the number one male sexual problem it is no wonder that the number one concern voiced by men worldwide is how to last longer in bed (no, it’s not just you). The pressure can get tough and even cause debilitating consequences for a man’s self esteem when interacting with a potential partner. One out of every three sexually active men experiences premature ejaculation.

What is “premature” for one couple may not be the case for another. The formal definition of premature ejaculation is any ejaculation that regularly occurs sooner than desired. Therefore a man’s desire to last longer in bed might be warranted if either partner becomes distressed with the idea of unsatisfying intercourse that ends too quickly.

Now there’s a solution for you to last longer in bed!

Dr. Harry Fisch, a board-certified urologist and Clinical Professor of Urology, has developed PREBOOST®, a topical premature ejaculation treatment. After all, the whole idea of sex is to experience lasting pleasure with your partner.

PREBOOST® ensures you’ll have longer lasting pleasure by allowing more control over your sexual experience. But how? It’s simply Benzocaine – the active ingredient in PREBOOST® – that subtly desensitizes the skin of the penis. The anesthetic is very effective in mildly desensitizing the penis enough to slow down a man’s sexual response, yet it in no way interferes with sexual pleasure.

PREBOOST® is the only desensitizing product that is applied using a specially designed pre-moistened wipe. This allows for total control. You can apply as much PREBOOST® or as little as you like, and the desired result is that it will allow you to last longer in bed.